Artificial intelligence

In this powerful 40 minute presentation, Israeli Professor Yuri Noah Harari drills deeper into AI’s potential effect on humanity, in Montreux, Switzerland on April 23, 2023. “AI has hacked the operating system of human civilization: language.”

Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin, co-founders of the Center for Humane Technology, provide a clear and comprehensive introduction to the promise and the threat of AI in this hour long presentation from May 2023: The AI Dilemma.

Milky Way, from the coast of Portugal

From a TED conference (July 19, 2023) in Vancouver, B.C., this superb report explores the potential and challenge of artificial intelligence, from every perspective, within most every discipline.

This lead essay in the Fall 2023 issue of Foreign Affairs alerts us to the danger of AI being at the control of technolgists, not governments, and moving too fast for us to rescue necessary oversight and technoauthentication (!)>!.

“Starry Night” / by Vincent Van Gogh
(painted in 1889)

American journalist Nick Bilton – with elegance and urgency – writes in Vanity Fair in October 2023 about the…

“…new machine that is made of billions of microscopic transistors and aluminum and copper wires that zigzag and twist and turn and are interconnected in incomprehensible ways…A little tiny machine that may end up being the last invention humans ever create.”

“And whether we understand what it is they are doing or not, we are largely left to the whims of their creation. We don’t have a say in the ethics behind their invention. We don’t have a say over whether it should even exist in the first place. ‘We’re creating God,’ one AI engineer working on large language models (LLMs) recently told me. ‘We’re creating conscious machines.'”

Here’s the headline:

FUTURE TENSE Artificial intelligence may be humanity’s most ingenious invention, unlocking novel forms of creativity, art, and medicine. Depending on whom you ask, it might also wipe out all mankind.

The five best books on AI (as of February 2024), according to The New York Times.