2023 and counting.
It’s time to rescue our humanity

…and to do so, in the words of Sir David Attenborough: “Not to save our planet, but to save ourselves.”

We urgently need a more profound commitment to working together, with imagination and respect, with kindness and love.

The Humanity Initiative is therefore creating this online oasis to offer clarity on our most crucial challenges; and also, not least, to inspire each of us to join in raising a resounding new voice of humanity.

Pre-historic cave painting from 36,000 years ago.
Altamira, Spain

Keep me away from the
wisdom which does not cry,
the philosophy which does not laugh, and the greatness which does not bow before children. 

~ Khalil Gibran
skeptical hawk
Roadside skeptic.
archival photo of tanks in china, 1989. Tiananmen Square. Tank Man.
Common man confronts an army.
Tiananmen Square, China, June 5, 1989

When the sun within speaks, when love reaches out its hand and places it upon another, any power the stars and planets might have upon us, any fears you can muster can become so rightfully insignificant.

What one heart can do for another heart, is there any beauty in the world that can match this? Brotherhood, sisterhood, humanity becomes the joy and the emancipation

~ Hafiz

Art, music, poetry, theater, photography, film and dance — compelling partners of positive change

The advent of artificial intelligence: how will we maximize the promise and eliminate the threat?

Empowering commencement speeches — 1838 to 2023



THI’s primary goal is to bring an end to war by fostering peacemakers worldwide, not least countering fascism at every turn with resolute and engaging humanism.

Simply stated, we want to inspire champions of Earth and humanity, encouraging their enlightened efforts in the trenches of positive change and at the forefront of civilization.

We are profoundly grateful for your kind (and necessary!) support.

The Humanity Initiative is a 501(c)(3). Your donations are fully tax-deductible in the United States.

Tony Balis (USA, founder and president), Kylie Janssens (South Africa), Janel Kasparson (USA), Sheila Kinkade (USA), Shashi Tharoor (India), Jacqueline Wigglesworth (England).

Teach this triple truth to all:
a generous heart, kind speech,
and a life of service and compassion are the things which renew humanity.   

~ Gautama Buddha