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Celebrate Humanity

If you’re a true humanitarian, you can celebrate a new event almost every day, for your fellow humans are forever acknowledging something that’s worth a day or two off work. Check out the extensive list below (some with links to the event) of what we celebrate each year as our awesome planet takes another ride around the sun. down


Yet what is it we truly are celebrating?

Just as ceremony serves to focus our attention, what is it that attracts us to celebration? Like our spectacular planet-wide block party to mark the new millennium, what does the urge to celebrate say about our shared humanity?

How can we best remember   –  during those days when we most need it, not just when history invites us to salute something  –   that common core of community that unites us as the human family?

And all the while we remain resplendent in our diversity, as these extraordinary and colorful events below so well remind us!


Jan 01Independence Day in Haiti (from France 1804), in the Sudan (from the UK and Egypt 1956), and in Slovakia (from the Czech Republic 1993)
Jan 04Independence Day in Burma (from the UK 1948);
Black & White Days in Colombia
Jan 07Christmas in Russia and Ethiopia;
7 Herbs Festival in Japan
Jan 08Marco Polo Day
Jan 09Martyrs’ Day in Panama
Jan 10League of Nations Day
Jan 11National Unity Day in Nepal;
Hostos Day in Puerto Rico
Jan 12Zanzibar Revolution Day in Tanzania (1964)
Jan 13Liberation Day in Togo (from France 1960);
St Knut’s Day in Sweden and Norway
Jan 15Coming of Age Day in Japan
Jan 16Religious Freedom Day in USA;
John Chilembwe Day in Malawi
Jan 17Skanderberg Day, Albania
Jan 18Camel Wrestling Day, Turkey
Jan 20Heroes’ Day, Cape Verde;
Grandmother’s Day, Bulgaria
Jan 21Errol Barrow Day, Barbados
Jan 22Discovery Day, St. Vincent
Jan 25Burns Night, Scotland;
St Lazarus Day, Brazil
Jan 26Republic Day, India (1950)
Jan 28New Year in China, South Korea, Vietnam
Jan 29Common Sense (!) Day, USA;
Martyrs’ Day, Nepal
Feb 02Iemanja Day, Brazil
Feb 03Heroes’ Day, Mozambique
Feb 04Pagerwesi, Bali (to sustain the universe!)
Feb 05Unity Day, Burundi
Feb 26People Power Day, Philippines
Feb 27Tibetan New Year;
Independence Day in Western Sahara, Dominican Republic
Feb 28Kalevala Day, Finland
Mar 04Hai-Ba-Trung Day (Patriotic women day) in Vietnam
Mar 08International Women’s Day;
Phujllay Festival in Bolivia
Mar 21International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Mar 27Resistance Day, Burma
Mar 28Lac Long Quan Festival, Vietnam
Apr 03Kite flying Day in Nagasaki, Japan
Apr 07World Health Day
Apr 13Songkran (Old Thai New Year), Thailand
Apr 14Indian New Year (Baisakhi), India
Apr 15Galungan (visit of the gods) Bali, Indonesia
Apr 20Sham an-Nessim, Egypt;
The Blajini, Romania
Apr 22EARTH DAY (yay!)
Apr 25Anzac Day in Australia and New Zealand
 Liberty Day (Dia da Liberdade), Portugal
Apr 26Landsgemeinden, Switzerland
Apr 28Islamic New Year (1419)


May 1-3Okoakyere Festival, Ghana
May 02Alacitas begins, Peru
May 09Rocket Festival, Thailand
May 10Visakha Puja Day  (South East Asia)   http://www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/thai/lee/visakha.html
May 11The Wesak Festival, celebrating Buddha    http://www.souledout.org/wesak/wesakfestival03/wesakfestoverview.html
May 15International Day of Families    http://www.un.org/en/events/familyday/
May 21

World Day for Cultural Development   http://www.unesco.org/new/en/unesco/events/prizes-and-celebrations/celeb…

Wedding with the Sea, Venice, Italy    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxlgugrLNHo

May 25Lala Sukuna Day, Fiji
May 30Dragon Boat Festival, China;
Tano, South Korea
Jun 05World Environment Day
Jun 16Day of the African Child
Jul 11World Population Day
Jul 13Start of the Naadam Games, Mongolia. This is the largest event in central Asia, where wrestlers, archers, and horse riders vie to be overall champion. It is also the one occasion for all tribes to come together from all over Mongolia to catch up on gossip, eat, drink, and get married. Let’s all go!
Aug 09International Day of Indigenous Peoples
Aug 15Treading the Grapes, Freyburg, Germany. A medieval festival at Neuenburg Castle. Ancient arts and crafts; meals prepared in medieval fashion; a “royal” banquet; tests of strength and skill with Benedictine monks, maids and servants.
Aug 16In Kyoto, Japan, bonfires are lighted on five mountains to send the souls of ancestors on their way after a trip to this world. (August is such a fun month!)


Sep 05Moon Cake Day in China
Sep 08International Literacy Day
Oct 05World Habitat Day and International Teachers’ Day
Oct 17International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Oct 31Samhain
Nov 19Fête National, Monaco
Dec 01World AIDS Day
Dec 03International Day for Disabled Persons
Dec 29International Day for Biological Diversity

Please send us your recommended additions to this list:  worldview@humanity.org