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The Guide

Selecting an organization to travel with can be a daunting prospect. With hundreds of enterprises vying for your time and money, each offering dozens of programs that can all seem either surprisingly similar or amazingly diverse, how can you see through the mists to find the right program?

Begin by fine-tuning your own interests. Use them to narrow the field, settling on an organization that not only meets general best practices, but that fits well with your specific goals. In general volunteers will start their search with one of three sets of criteria: the location they want to travel to, the type of project they want to support, and choosing an organization that aligns well with your goals. It is natural to weigh one of these criteria more than the others. 

Also, you need to consider how long you can afford to volunteer as well as how much work you would like to take on in comparison the the “vacation” portion of your trip. We are in the process of preparing a guide that qualifies companies that offer positive change travel. In the menu to the left you will find the beginnings of this effort.