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Leadership Initiative


Where will humankind’s next great leaders come from? How can we find them? (Quickly!) More importantly, how can we foster their leadership?
THI plans to launch a major initiative that seeks to identify 100 men and women who possess extraordinary potential to have a positive influence on human history over the next 10 to 50 years. All we need is the funding to begin.
This effort will be unique in three ways: First, we will invite a small group of outstanding individuals from varied professions and backgrounds across the continents to serve as nominators.
Second, as introduction to this initiative, we will present the individual voice of each nominator, offering his or her personal perspective on this process.
Third, by using a time frame of 10 to 50 years, we are inviting an unusually long-range inquiry into our common future.
We will ask each nominator to write a few words addressing two primary questions: What are your most important criteria in choosing nominees? Exactly why are these criteria crucial to you?
We then will ask each nominator to recommend at least two and not more than five nominees. We will choose an “Humanity 100” and publish their names on this site; but more importantly, we will invite each individual to write whatever she or he would like about how they view the world and how they hope to change it for the better.
In this way, we plan to create a community of interest in identifying and fostering visionary leadership. Not least, this initiative ultimately may encourage new leaders in many different arenas to work more closely together.
We look forward to your reaction and participation. Please send your comments, questions, or suggestions to: worldview@humanity.org.
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