Volunteer Activism

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Volunteer Activism

International Volunteers for Peace

IVP are an Australian community group, with an international perspective and contact branches in 50 countries world-wide. IVP focus on organising work camps around worthwhile community needs and causes, for which we recruit participants from and the rest of the world via our network. IVP activities are meant to encourage understanding amongst different peoples and promote discussion and an appreciation of problems different communities face in their struggles for social justice and environmental harmony.

The United Nations Volunteers Program (UNV)

UNV is the UN organization that supports human development globally by promoting volunteerism and by mobilizing volunteers. It operates amidst growing recognition that volunteerism makes important contributions, economically and socially, to more cohesive societies by building trust and reciprocity among citizens. Every year some 5,000 UN Volunteers from more than 150 different nationalities actively support the programmes of the United Nations itself.