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Environmental Activism

Charity: Water

Here’s what Charity:Water has to say about water:

Earth Law Center


Earth Law Center is a “think, share and do” organization that promotes recognition of the intrinsic value, interdependence, and legal rights of all Earth’s inhabitants and ecosystems, to ensure the well-being of current and future generations.

Save Ningaloo Reef

The Ningaloo is an area of astonishing biodiversity on the west coast of Australia. Save Ningaloo is a campaign to protect this wilderness for all time. The first task is to stop the inappropriate Coral Coast Resort from being built. To support the campaign, you can send an automated letter, buy a T-shirt, order a bumper sticker, donate online, tell a friend about the campaign or send a personal letter to a politician and help to save Ningaloo!


The Natural Resources Defence Council’s BioGems campaign is dedicated to saving unique wild places throughout the Americas – places in urgent need of defence from clear and present dangers. Often these BioGems are the last refuge for animals and plants on the verge of extinction or are themselves the only remaining fragment of an ecosystem fast disappearing. They are also places where citizen activism can turn the tide by e-mailing senators, sending online postcards or making a donation.